Following the footsteps
of our grandfather
Aarne Lehtorinne

Aarne Lehtorinne was born in Impilahti (part of Finland until WW2, nowadays part of Russia) on the shores of Lake Ladoga in 1924. Like so many of his peers, the young man was caught in the depths of the raging world war when he was drafted in 1942. Aarne was saved from injuries until he was hurt by a mine in 1944. The explosion harmed him by taking his whole right arm and most of his fingers in the left hand. In addition, the young soldier lost his eyesight temporarily. Severely injured Aarne was instantly admitted to military where he gradually regained vision. However, his arms were injured permanently so fighting was over for him. As a consequence to the war, the easternmost part of Finland and hence, Aarne’s home in Impilahti were ceded to the USSR so the family had to start a new life in Western Finland.

Aarne Lehtorinne

Despite the serious injuries Aarne was very enterprising and full of stamina. He had been interested in carpentry from early on but it wasn’t until the 1950’s when he turned his passion into a profession by constructing furniture in the local villages. Aarne’s work gradually gained popularity and he was able to grow his business nationwide. By 1973, Lehtorinne products had at its best more than 100 retailers in Finland.

We treasure the tradition of our fathers

We in Lehtorinne want to cherish the heritage of our family in furniture production and interior design. The inspiration from Aarne’s passion towards craftsmanship and his determination to achieve his dreams drive us forward every day here in Lehtorinne.

The keywords in our products are functionality, simplicity and quality. We think that these are the essential elements in Finnish design and inspired by Aarne’s heritage, we strive for conveying these values in everything we do.

Teija Lehtola

Graphic designer
Aarne's granddaughter

Senja Saartoala

Interior Designer

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